My One Desire

September 5, 2009
By 21stars GOLD, Longmont, Colorado
21stars GOLD, Longmont, Colorado
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Favorite Quote:
Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow. -Hellen Keller

Lay the word in front of me
And blind me with your love
So I can finally see
What you've been trying to say
Put words in my mouth
So I can say
What and when you want me to
Put knowledge in my head
So I will finally know
What I should teach others
Whisper to me now
And cover up my ears
So I can hear once more
All the words you are speaking to my heart
Put gifts in my hands
So I can give to others
What you gave to me
Put shoes on my feet
So I can walk the rough road
To where you want me to be
Strengthen my bones
So I can carry of the weight of the world
Breathe air into my lungs
So I can finally live again
For you and only you
Inject your grace into my blood
So you will be a part of me
And I will never walk away from you
Paint your mark upon my skin
So everyone will see
That I am yours
And you are mine
Perfume my clothes with your scent
So others near me can breathe you in
Just as I long to do
Put your kindness in my smile
So others will see
That you are all I need
To be happy
Put you wisdom in my tears
So I'll know just when to end them
And go back to thinking of you
Put your mercy in my arms
So I can use them to lift up the broken
Just like you did to me
Put respect in my knees
So I will forget your pride
And bow to you
My Savior
Dye your glory into every hair on my head
And I will know that you have numbered them all
Just as you have numbered the stars
Put your peace in my screams
So I'll only use them when necessary
Let me speak with your honesty
So I will not make false promises
But please LORD
Just please
Pump your love into my heart
Because your love is my everything
It is my joy and my peace
My heart and my soul
I will give you my life, God
I will give you my false idols
All for your love
My one desire
My only need
Is your love

The author's comments:
Quite repetitive but it's still a favorite among my friends. It took me forever to write all this.

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