September 5, 2009
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Walk down busy
city streets.

Be aware of all
that is around you.
Just don't fall.

Look at the sky
or look at the ground.
Just look all around.

See the people
passing by.
Won't you stop to say hi?

You just continue walking...
and don't bother observing...

Did you see that girl?
That eccentric girl?
Dressed in rainbow colors
that made your head twirl?

Did you see the little boy?
That cute little boy?
Who's hands were occupied
with his daddy's fingers
and a dripping ice cream cone,
his smile so coy?

If you continue life like this...
you don't know what you're going to miss.

It's hard not to get caught
in this fast paced lifestyle.
But we all ought
to slow it down...
and just simply smile.

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