i want....

September 4, 2009
i want that one guy who knows me cover to cover
every crinkle in the paper
every tear at edges
every stain from accidently spilled soda
that guy who turns on the radio and no matter what is playing, sings along.
not knowing the words
making a fool out of himself but for me
my fool
a guy that will pop a breath mint in his mouth when he thinks im not looking
but knowing that i am at the same time
a guy that will shake in his own to feet when i open the door and say "hi mom and dad this is my boyfriend"
cause he knows this is real
the real deal
no more others
only me
a guy who will tuck me into bed over the phone and tell me sweet bedtime stories of our love
putting a ivory smile on my face
not knowing he is all i want that moment
i want him
the guy who knows to love
and loves
who yells to the world
"i love this girl!"
but fantasy is one thing
reality is another
i want a guy that makes me not sleep
because for once in my life
my reality is better than any dream

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Stephanie F. said...
Sept. 17, 2009 at 10:14 pm
i love it. i know exactly what your going through. my ex did the same thing to me. i want that guy too. that guy thats special but you don't know why he just is. check out my poem You Say. which is kind of after break up or during break up however you look at. but it says stuf that would happen before you found that perfect guy
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