In the Meadow

September 4, 2009
I walk through the meadow,
The tall grass kissing skin.
It clings to me,
Reluctantly letting go as I pass it on.

I breathe slowly,
Each breath more valuable than the last.

A breeze arises,
Whispering and lightly caressing my cheek.
I smile, accepting its kisses,
Slowly sinking, falling, melting.

I lie in the meadow,
The soft grass cupping my body within its hands.
Her sweet melody dances around me,
The ballad lulling me to sleep.

I awake, and she stands before me.
The memories I once held,
Faded and forgotten,
Emerge and surround me.

She lay next to me,
Her body engulfed in a green cradle.
She turns toward me,
A smile settling upon her face.

Images slowly fill my mind,
The world becoming vivid.
All of adulthood’s complexities
Are now desecrated and pellucid.

Her soft laugh becomes a lullaby,
Luring me into a place I once knew.
I smile, gazing upward toward the
Vibrant sun.

Finally, I am home.

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