It's not complicated

September 3, 2009
how are you feeling partner?
I'm surprised the let you go
It's supposed to be pretty
Unless you have a dead cat for lunch

How high are we?
It's so dusty there
I had trouble breathing
Why is it so popular here?
Most people
Cant do it.

Look to the left
Beginning of the view
Looking back this way
We saw snow last year.
We did. We saw snow.

It's not complicated.

Im just saying its not-
Its incredibly treacherous
Stay close to the candles
She's leading them up a steep stairway

Can anybody tell me
Are there any nice roads
I want some vistas
I want water
A big boulder could come tumbling down
We're going down
Solving the puzzle

Look how close we are
To the edge
Cause it's a long way
To start
Turn around
This is some road
Enjoy it

take the bus back
if I took the bus back…
to the
To the top

Tell him to stop
Make him stop
Its time to move on
Its time
To go

What time is it?
Its time.
Nothing is
The end of the world

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luv.xoxo said...
Apr. 14, 2010 at 7:55 pm
Love it- especially the last stanza!!
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