Into the Mirror

September 3, 2009
By perrieann BRONZE, Lake Forest, Illinois
perrieann BRONZE, Lake Forest, Illinois
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When I'm lying next to you,
the mirror in my hand.
reflections shine through.
The image turns to gray
I'm unstable, see nothing in your eyes
what was here just walked away
all goes glossy and you look fake
though you are me and I am you
wish I could turn the time back now
remember what I once knew
about myself as a person, who it is that I was
but you, that gray image of me
was the person I thought I love
now I am not so sure
cause I can't see the same reflection i used to
and for riches or for poor

I'd be with and you'd be with me
but you’re there no longer
and the reflection lost its color
and that spark of confidence I can’t see
not the same girl, now another

one that I don't like to view
but now that girl is me
This girl has different skin
And I don’t know her
And this girl is less thin
When did I change so
She doesn’t smile, when I thought I did
Her voice is quiet and low
I remember that I used to sing
And I excitedly drew
I used dance like no other
This new girl is a terrible thing

and the mirror flies to crash
against a wall
and it starts to shatter and smash
and the glass flies through the air
wish I'd know where I made the switch
and I search, for a light that’s not there
and with broken glass on the floor
and though the walls are here
they cannot be seen
and the darkness was always there
but now i see it there
and I don't seem to be there
I can't see that girl there
the one in the mirror there
and the glass is there
the glass is there
and now I see white clouds…

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