Past future presence

September 3, 2009
By , kansas city, MO

Open to inspiration
With every question, and answer
Pursuing knowledge for reasons behind every captured image, unfamiliar sound
Tortured with ignorance when sights once filed with such variety of the most vibrant colors. transitions to a complexion holding no life
Consumed in darkness, mind scrambles; embarking on a quest seeking understanding
With no recollection of such moments. once more tortured with ignorance
Cries of sorrow fills the air, along with the smell of salt and water
Watching with a open mind, unaware of the joy brought with ignorance


Essential to all
Growing, changing, evolving
With a capacity for such greatness
Working at rates unbearable for any other
Potential transiting to that of kinetic potency and life
As time forever goes on; retaining all that brings satisfaction and bliss
Expressed; like a portrait with no desired destination
Unexpectedly hitting a wall
One that not just siesta motion
But yet ventures back
Grip on once cherished aspects of life
Lessens more, and more
Soon to be released
Never to return

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