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September 2, 2009
By Victoria Rakowski BRONZE, Dousman, Wisconsin
Victoria Rakowski BRONZE, Dousman, Wisconsin
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Its like being alone in a crowded room.
Halls buzz with talk and chatter
Yet I don’t seem to matter
People I know, I now knew.
I’m lost, and I have nothing, no one no where to go
I have no purpose
No reason to get out of bed
Instead of resting my sleepy head
I’m lost in a world that feels like a nightmare
I want to go back to dreaming.
Its unreal how alone I’m feeling
The world can go on without me
I don’t want to be merely existing
A shadow cast by the noon sun
I want to get up, get out and run.
Far from this place
And far from this load of it
Ive been so willing to take
My problem is getting out
its not so easy
When the nightmare has already trapped you
And taken over who you’ve become
And where your future seems to be leading you
Your path is now bare and the end
Is near.
You need a way out.
Take a deep breath
And take care.
Stop hiding, get out there.
Do what you love and follow your heart
Or find what that means
Be real and yourself
Find your reason and don’t ever feel like your unwanted.
Speak up and fight for what you stand for
At least you’ll end up knowing you tried
Instead of feeling empty, wanting more.

The author's comments:
Something i wrote about the first day of highschool

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