Who Are You?

September 2, 2009
By Lizzy T. BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
Lizzy T. BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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You look at me.
Touch me.
Comprehend me...
Or so I thought.

What you do is brilliant.
Sly and devious.
You make me trust you.
Want you.
Then you strike.

Cutting me in fatal places.
Leaving me scars that might never be healed.
The blood drips.
Shows what trust does.

Who are you?
Why do you have so much control?
Am I really that week?
Are you really that vicious?

Emotionless you work.
No compassion.
No feelings at all.

I could feel you heavily though.
Reaching into my chest.
Crushing my still pumping heart.
You don't care.
Why should you?
You are no one.

My reflection peering back at me.
You caused this.
You caused the emotions to well.
You caused them to fade.
You caused me to become heartless.

Or maybe you didn't.
Maybe you just feel so strongly you can't handle it.
The pain of other people.
It just hurts you.
Maybe... maybe you feel too much compassion.

The red of the blood dripping from your wrists.
It brings you back to reality.
The smell of death reminds you you're one of the living.
One of the humans.
Someone who walks this earth blindly.

Where are you going?
You're going to get lost.
You're intentions good, the outcome not.
Why do people not understand?
Why don't they understand you care?
Why must they misunderstand?

Those days long behind you.
So deep into your own little world.

Why can't I feel anymore?
The feeling of cold.
That's what remained.
The warmth that used to reside in me and radiate to others- gone.
They're also confused.

Torn. Torn between the two worlds.
Where do I belong?
I'm alive for a reason... yet death seems as good a deal.
Eternal rest.
Away from the noisy world.
Away from the problems that approach.
Away from the dark.

Most of all away from the cold.
The ice that envelopes you.
The ice that refuses to melt.
No matter how many warm tears fall from your cheeks
They're all black.
Cold and dark.
That's what the world has become for you.

Again I ask
Who are you?
Do you even know?
I do.
You're just another one.

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