Afraid to Cry

September 3, 2009
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Afraid to cry
Afraid I'm letting you down if I do
I say I'm ok but it's never the
I can't change your mind
Can't even change mine
Wherever I go
I lose as much as I gain
Why can't you live here
You can't make it better
By saying kind words
Or sending a letter
I need to hug you again
See you smile one more time
I'd fly all the way back
But it feels like a crime
To leave what I have
And get what I don't
My friends say just try it
But I say I won't
It's not fair either way
So why change it at all
Since wherever I go
I'll continue to fall
I'll just cherish your gifts
And all you have said
To keep me in my heart
And out of my head
I have dreams about you
Almost every night
That's where I took back the darkness
And left you the light
Can you send it back
So I can have it right here
Because I know I can't stand it
I can't wait one more year
People don't see
How much I need you
So why is it that I can't just have you

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