A silence

August 29, 2009
By Yazmine Mihojevich BRONZE, San Pedro, California
Yazmine Mihojevich BRONZE, San Pedro, California
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A drawn in breath
A silence
Envelope the murky waters of time
Its depths withhold life, death and in between
One always out running the other with no way to stop
My life, my passion is all a quest
A never ending thirst for knowledge
Yet a stroke of duty
A whisper that stirs the soul
Deems me to move forward toward a new beginning
These times needs a stimulus of change
Who are the voices screaming for help?
I do not know
Yet instinct forces me to care
We are all one people, with the same destiny
We were all once infants screaming out to a new world
An unknown world
There are those who still are screaming, feeling that know one is listening
A blessing
A gift
Is what I have been graced with
Fortune has given me the gift of the senses
I can hear those cries of those who cannot speak for themselves
I can touch an untouchable’s life
I can see the beautiful world around me
Filled with colors and laughter
The oceans’ waters flow back and forth
Throughout time
An eternal heartbeat
As the hearts of the people throughout time
The trees, the earth, the humans, the beasts
We are all one
We should all act as one
The only thing holding us back is time

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