The Life of my World&#39s Mind

August 29, 2009
By Eli Chapman BRONZE, Mt. Juliet, Tennessee
Eli Chapman BRONZE, Mt. Juliet, Tennessee
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Life, a simple yet complex thing,
Where people laugh and sing,
Where they let their voices ring,
With words that are heard,
Can be turned down.
Life, is it all that it seems,
Or is it just one masterminded scheme,
Can it be all that it’s deemed,
To be?
Is life really what we thought,
Is it what we thought we ought,
To be, to fit in. Is it what we were taught,
That we should all try to fit in?
Should we fit in,
Or is that a misconception,
That we just go with the flow,
And the let the world be our friend?
Why question what we live,
Is there more it can give,
Is there more that still exists,
What is really out there?
Can we be more than what others say,
More tomorrow, than today,
Show the world that there is a way,
To be different.
Different. Is it really that bad?
To be a different person?
Why question against,
What we were taught since birth?
Why do you question what you want to know?
How do you answer life’s questions?
Life, mysterious in all it’s glory,
Or is it glory, that we cut each other down,
That we slay our fellow being,
Till they are just a hollow shell,
With no soul.
Words. They cut deeper than any knife,
They sink deep into our brains,
Where no knife may ever reach,
But that is where those words creep.
Actions. Hurt more than any words,
Where example contradicts faith,
Where belief is tested the most,
What is there to believe anymore?
Is there anything,
That is worth our time,
Surely there is one thing,
That we all hold dear,
But do you dare share,
With a world that waits,
To cut down everything you say,
That waits,
To hurt anything you do?
Can you really see the light at the end of the tunnel,
Or are you giving yourself false hope?
Is there a light at the end of the tunnel?
Running, running, running,
Towards a light that may not even be there.
Is the grass really greener on the other side?
No, it is not greener,
But the same,
The view only changes when you change.
When you change,
Is that what you really want,
Or is it what the world wants?
Contradicting myself,
I question my own self why?
Why, do we do anything?
Is there anything worth doing,
With the world lurking around every,
Corner, waiting,
To devour us.
Is the world truly evil?
Yes, evil is what the world is,
What is at the very core,
The very soul of this world.
I say world, not planet,
For planet, describes the Earth,
But the world is its true people.
The world is the danger,
The danger to everything,
That is known to everything,
Man and beast.
Beast even feels the pain,
That is how bad the world truly is,
To place its evil against the animals,
Letting them feel the wrath,
That is cast out,
To devour us all.
Why then, do we put up with it?
Why do we put up with a world,
That waits to devour its own kind,
To destroy the very thing that its made of?
These questions can’t be answered,
For there is no answer that will justify,
The doings of this world.
For this world has wronged itself in many ways,
Ways that shall never be forgotten,
Ways that are being remembered,
And things that will be remembered.
What can we do then?
I ask this of myself,
But I know no answer,
For the world has toyed with my mind.
My mind is not its own anymore,
It belongs to the world,
Though it is still mine.
My mind is not private anymore,
The world knows what I think,
Yet I still am in the dark.
Darkness. Such a comforter,
In this world of evil,
Where evil is the light,
And darkness is a blessing.
Why do I love darkness?
It comforts me,
As it does many a being,
Darkness, a friend,
That warmly welcomes all who enter,
Its warm embrace.
Why shut out the light?
Because the light is evil.
The light is where the world wants to be,
Everyone at once,
A peace-loving world.
Lies. Lies, are what they believe,
For no matter what,
There will always be a war.
A war doesn’t have to be physical,
But it will be internal,
Directed at one’s self.
For this is the true nature of man.
Internal and External,
Directed towards one’s self,
As well as others.
Why people give false hopes?
I don’t know why?
Perhaps it’s to comfort one’s self,
But why bother,
What can’t be accomplished,
Why waste time,
To strive for something that may never be seen.
Something, that may never happen,
For it is impossible.
For this world is evil,
It can’t accept the facts,
That make a person a person.
Why this is,
I do not know,
For it is a great puzzle,
Perhaps one that was not meant to be solved,
Or was it?
Was it?
Life, the greatest puzzle of all,
Was it meant to be solved,
Or was it meant be unsolved,
To confuse its inhabitants with its mysteries.
To confuse the beings,
That make up its character,
Its entire existence.
Do I make sense anymore,
Have I truly lost my mind?
A mind that has been my greatest friend,
For the longest time.
Have I truly lost my friend,
To the evils of this world?
Why then would they take,
What is dear to me,
What I treasure,
More than my own life.
For if my mind is lost,
I feel no need to live.
I have nothing to live for,
Without my mind,
My imagination,
My friend,
My escape.
My escape.
Those words echo,
Where my mind should be.
My escape,
The only reason I make it through a day,
The only thing that keeps me sane and calm,
Day to day,
As I battle my two greatest enemies,
The world,
And myself.
Am I really my own enemy?
But of course,
We all are.
We are all our own enemy,
One that tells it like it is,
And views ourselves,
In the harshest of manners.
Why then is it like that?
I do not know,
For I seem to not know a lot.
Why I don’t know a lot,
That is beyond me,
For everything we think we know,
Everything we don’t know doubles.
So there is so much I don’t know,
So much that I don’t understand,
Much that I,
Don’t care to know,
Much that I,
Don’t care to understand.
For I understand and know only what I need to know,
Only what I need to know,
That I may get by,
Day to day,
And still be able to learn.
Learn something new,
That I may grow,
And understand the things that I have come to know.
Why then do I contradict?
Why do I contradict myself,
In everything I believe in,
Everything that I stand for?
Why then do I do it?
For the sake of myself,
For the sake of my mind,
So I keep it working,
So that this world,
This world that is evil,
This world that is evil,
Won’t take it,
And make it its own.
That is why,
My mind shall never quit,
It shall never quit thinking,
Never quit imagining,
Never quit,
Never rest,
For I don’t won’t to lose it.
It is the anchor to my boat of escape,
On which I will ride,
When I am ready,
For until then,
I will keep a firm hold on my anchor,
My anchor,
My belief,
My mind,
My imagination,
My Self.

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