The 10 facts of our paradox

August 29, 2009
By LizaW. GOLD, Glenview, Illinois
LizaW. GOLD, Glenview, Illinois
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Our home is a paradox...

1.Where hardworking labor gives you promising freedom

2.Where you'll find places in this world where a child will save every drop of water knowing it could be their last, while a child next door will be taking an hour long bath, knowing that this wealthiness will last

3.Where an abundance or paucity of money can determine power or toil

4.Where happiness is hard to pursue

5.Where love can hurt more than the sharpest of knives

6.Where passion is higher than the highest mountain, and deeper than the deepest of the oceans

7.Where friends can outlive time

8.Where possibilities are available, but it takes hardship to knock on them

9.Where there are no shortcuts to understanding concepts and ideas, but rather the process

10.Where everything runs in a cycle of passing and creating life

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