Just Friends

August 28, 2009
By Anonymous

There I was in that narrow doorway
Feeling the heat of the light bulb above my head
Being dodged by people trying to pass
Too busy to listen to their cold remarks
Only hearing the splatter of each rain drop
Hitting the pavement, like tears falling for the sky
Watching your back as you disappeared into the darkness
Then you were gone.
I looked down at the dress I spent all week picking out.
Back at the cozy restaurant and its dim lighting
The single rose placed on every table filled me with a sense of loneliness
I thought of you, and how you were so unaware
Unaware of how much I yearned for you with every single breath
Thinking of your intoxicating smile
And the way you moved your hair away from your eyes
Thinking of every little thing that you do
Everything that made me fall in love with you
I went out into the rain to hide the drop of water from within
Playing back the last thing you said
The thing I will never forget.
You said with great comfort and ease;
“Goodbye my FRIEND.”

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