August 28, 2009
By brianna stout BRONZE, Smithville, Texas
brianna stout BRONZE, Smithville, Texas
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Look out into the darkness
what do you see?
you see shadows of the night
you see animal eyes
have you ever wondered what the darkness says?
what it thinks as it looks at you
well as it looks at you tonight...
it sees that you are scared
that you dont know what you are doing in life
is it true?
are you afraid of what people can see
of what people can say just by looking at you?
yep one glance and the darkness can tell everything
does that scare you
does that make you more afraid?
now what about the darkness??
well tonight the darkness is also afraid
you see the darkness is scary
and the animals in the dark scare the darkness
all the shadows make the darkness cry
so why are you afraid
just go hold the darkness tight
soon you will find out that you are perfect with the darkness
because the darkness is a real person
now it is your job to find out who it is

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