August 28, 2009
“It's all in your hands, all you have to do is close it.
The other team will be just as tired as you, just out work them.”
we walk to the field, our helmets on.
I am ready to crush our opponent.
Through the silent warm-ups, I could hear my heart pounding irrevocably, it felt like my heart was about to rip out of my bare flesh, the tension was just that pressuring.

Coach marched up to us, in a fashion that made me shiver on the inside.
“Are you ready?”, coach exclaimed so loudly, that my eardrums were about to explode.
“YEAH!”, the entire team replied in a confident tone.
“ARE YOU READY?”, the coach questioned with such power.
The coach got us yelling and hollering,
I can't even hear the fans,
We finished our pre-game warm-up with our Grizzly Pride.

We set up to kick-off, standing on the line just waiting for the ball to be kicked,
the longest thirty seconds of my life.
So nervous my stomach is in a knot,and my heart is beating faster than drums.
Thinking of how hard I'm going to work, the physical domination.
The whistle is shrieking, irritating my brain, and I race down the field,
One pancake block and I'm off to tackle the ball,

Snap after snap our team does great, I can't see straight I am booming with excitement,
It's the end of the first quarter and I need a break, my body is shutting down and I see stars,
But that just makes me work harder than before, the more stars I see, the more tackles I make,
After a grueling first of half the game of feeling like passing out, the quarters go from feeling like 3 hours,
To feeling like 3 quick minutes,
Before I know it the game is at its last quarter,
With two minutes left on the clock, we take our last timeout,
We have them by seven ferociously close points.
Knowing we only have a short while left,
My adrenaline is back stronger than ever,
For the last few cramping plays of the game,
I block like a tank,
and two kneels and one play later,
the game is over,
With nothing left in my body,
I line up and shake hands with the other team,
I jog down to the end zone excited about the win, for another quick chat from the coach,
Then.... the coach fires off like a bomb,
He gets us pumped about the win and disappointed about the mistakes,
Of course the best part of a big win is eating out with the team after the game,
We throw the football around in the parking lot,
and then comes the sweet, sweet victory sleep!

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