The Rain of Forgiveness

August 27, 2009
She sits in the rain,
Waiting for him.
She begins to think he may never come,
And she stands up,
Ready to leave.
Then through the rain,
She sees a figure coming towards her.
As he reaches her,
He embraces her.
He tightens his grip,
And whispers in her ear.
He tells her that he is sorry.
He is sorry for getting mad.
He is sorry for hurting her.
He is sorry for making her cry.
She says it doesn't matter,
And that she forgives him.
She stands on her toes,
And kisses him.

They are both soaked,
But neither seems to care,
As they continue to kiss.
Every thought,
Every emotion,
But love,
Gone from their minds.
Neither one wants to stop.
The rain begins to slow,
But still, they don't stop.

The sun timidly peeks out,
From behind angry clouds,
And casts a rainbow,
Above their heads.
Reluctantly they stop,
And look into each others eyes.
All has been forgotten,
And they are as happy as they ever were.
Love is too powerful,
To let silly things ruin it.

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