No Choice Adam and Eve

September 10, 2009

Adam and Eve/
To see an apple on a tree/
To be or not to be/

That is the question for me/
I was told not to eat from this evil seed/
For it would only make me a man of evil greed/
But something in my insides told me it will make me free/
Something told me I would see things I couldn’t see/
The thought stab at me until I couldn’t
I can’t believe there is something I couldn’t see/
With no hesitation I took that apple from the tree/
And eat it to the evil seed/
I began to feel helplessness/
I felt what it feels to be stuck up with selfishness/
But all this time/
Only one question came to mind/
Should I be ashamed, should I run or rejoice/
But most of all what would life be if man had no choice

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