Find a seat

September 9, 2009
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The world spins,
a rush of colors
and sounds.
Sounds that push in
from all sides,
like physical walls,
crushing me.
Try to hid,
the fear,
the animal instinct
rushes in from deep inside me
to cower,
disapear into the shadows,
anything to escape the eyes
eyes that watch me.
Where, where to go?
Where will be safe,
a place to escape to,
where I stop being someone else
and start being one of them.
Heart pounding,
riding high in my chest,
can anyone else hear it?
Waves and waves,
washing over me,
I am drowning in people
a seat!
A safe haven in a storm,
my nest.
In a seat i am safe
from all.
The cafeteria
of a highschool
is fear.

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