September 9, 2009
By macks BRONZE, Park City, Utah
macks BRONZE, Park City, Utah
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Once when I was at camp we were out in a tree house for the night. We were catching fireflies and one kid had an idea to stark the firefly club. In order to join you had to eat a firefly. When it was my turn I popped it into my mouth. It tasted like sugar water and vomit. When I swallowed it I realized that my tongue was glowing. The rest of the group ate their flies( most of the successful) and it was time for bed.

Up in the cold tree house, I was still awake. I felt terrible. I went down the tree house slide to the ground. It was so quiet that I seamed to make a lot of noise. It was so dark that I could see that my tongue was still glowing. At the base of the tree I threw up the remains of the firefly that was also still glowing. The smell almost made me hurl again.

I was suddenly worried that there would be an unwritten rule that said you couldn’t throw up the bug and still be in the firefly club. I put some dirt on the barf trying to hide the glow coming from it. I went back to sleep hopping that no one would slip in the puke in the morning. Of course no one did but I was so worried that I was up all night long, thinking about how disgusting the firefly was and if my tongue would stop glowing.

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