Child Abuse

September 9, 2009
By ToriA. PLATINUM, Columbus, Indiana
ToriA. PLATINUM, Columbus, Indiana
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The world paints child abuse
like something that can be cured
by removal of the child
from the abusive adult.
the world seems to think
that once the child has been removed,
the child's problems are over.
sure the physical pain is gone,
but what about the emotional?
you can assure the child
it'll never happen again,
but in her mind,
she'll remember it all.
it will play over and over
and she won't be able to stop it,
and she won't understand
just what she did wrong.
she'll live each day in fear
that soeone will hurt her again.
noone will understand
why the little girl is so scared
because noone will understand
what's haunting her childhood memories.
she'll try to go on
but each day it will grow clearer,
not every child has gone through
what she has been through.
the older she gets,
the more she realizes
how unfair it was for her
to have had to live through
what she's had to live through
and now that she's lived through it,
she'll have to live through
the painful memories,
and noone can stop that,
only she can supress them.
but with each day,
reminders of her past
will keep popping up.
and when her friends feel bad
because of a silly break-up,
she won't be able to help
remebering the painful memories
of her own past ordeals.
and she will get angry.
angry at her friend
for being upset over something so little,
angry at herself
for letting this haunt her,
angry at her abuser
for making her this way
angry at her father
for letting the abuser into her life,
angry at God
for letting her go through that ordeal.
until one day,she will realize
that God was with her,
that God didn't want
to see her in so much pain,
and that God has great plans
for her future.
and she will learn... forgive.
in so mu

The author's comments:
Hi, i'm ToriA. and im that little girl. what i just said is not an exageration, i really did feel that way.but now i have a family that cares for me, a church family, and a new faith in Christ our Lord. i want to tell all those who are battling with the same feelings i was batteling with: IT WILL GET BETTER. and for those who think they are being abused, TELL A TRUSTED ADULT EMEDIATELY!!!

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This article has 1 comment.

on Sep. 16 2009 at 7:45 am
ToriA. PLATINUM, Columbus, Indiana
22 articles 0 photos 8 comments
the 'in so mu' thing at the end wasn't supposed to be there. just so you know... :)


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