She Turned

September 9, 2009
By Anonymous

What they didn’t say
They warn you of the cracks in the concrete
They warn you of hard words in books
They warn you of how much practice it takes to get good at something
They warn you of drugs, drinking and smoking
They warn you of getting your heart broken
They warn you of why to wait to have sex
He took me into his arms
He looked in my eyes
He laid me on the bed
He said nothing could go wrong on a night so perfect
He put himself in me
He took a piece of my heart
The next day he didn’t even acknowledge me
No one told me how it would feel
No one told me how to stop him
* *
If one person would have told me what to do when he took me into his arms
I wouldn’t be here worrying about how many days I have left to live

The author's comments:
I wrote this in my early teens when I was getting lectured about sex. I thought to myself.... I know what you all tell me over and over again about what will happen but what about what you are not saying?

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