My Almost Boyfriend

September 8, 2009
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The very moment I walked into English
My eyes were automatically drawn to you
You were like the cutest guy in the school
The cutest guy in the world.

I was super excited for English.
You sat between my best friend and me
This class was going to be perfect
As perfect as a class could ever be.

I absolutely loved talking to you.
You were extremely witty
You were extremely witty
You could make me laugh about anything.

It was fun working together.
You were always so nice to me
Being in projects with you was the best.
I absolutely loved working with you.

I loved being with you.
I looked forward to 7th period every day
Every time you entered the room
I felt like I was floating on air.

We always made jokes and laughed
My favorite joke was when you told me to
“Sprinkle some parmesan cheese on your cat
For an extra cheesy meow.”

I was falling for you fast
Faster and faster every day it seemed
Every day you became more interesting
I wasn’t sure how this was even possible.

I think my face sparkled and lit up
Whenever we talked in class.
Our teacher noticed too I think
I’m not really sure that I cared all that much.

I couldn’t hide my feelings anymore
I couldn’t hide my feelings anymore
You were the only person that understood me
I felt that we truly had something between us.

It was a Friday with five minutes left of class.
You went up to the teacher’s table
And asked to borrow the newspaper.
I had absolutely no idea why.

You slowly walked back to our row.
And began to look through it.
You stopped at the movie listings
You stopped at the movie listings.

I quickly looked the other way
Was he going to ask me to the movies?
Was he going to ask me to the movies?
I started grinning like a dumb idiot.

I heard him talking about the movie.
I was some sci-fi flick that I had never heard of.
I heard him say do you want to go with me
“Do you want to go with me?”

I was about to say yes but someone said it before me.
I looked up at him and my heart sank.
He wasn’t talking to me at all.
He was talking to my best friend.

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