water isnt my friend

September 8, 2009
The color of life isn’t grey
Yet today that seems to be
The only shade I can see

The rain is soaking me
Making my clothes stick
Tightly to me
Like they are trying to suffocate me

Tears run down
As if they are blades making scars
Forever reminding me of
Everything that never was

I feel like I am in an ocean
Looking in every direction
Knowing that there is no one
Trying to save me from drowning

In a river I am being pushed
Down a dangerous path
All the rocks and waves
Cutting at my sanity

In a waterfall I am shoved
Over a cliff and as I plummet
Thousands of feet down
I have my breath stolen

Then I come back to reality
Where I am walking down this lonely road
I have stopped walking and my eyes open wide
then you catch me as I break down in your arms

We both realized that we
Are drowning without each other
And need each other to survive
Our love is vital for us to really live

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