SICK (girl)

September 8, 2009
By Lexiz17 GOLD, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Lexiz17 GOLD, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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A sickly girl is helpless of what she can do

She looks out her window every day, looking for just one little prayer
Every day she look at her doctor with her eyes as if she asking is today the day
And every day he looks in gilt saying no with a kindly smile
He leaves her room in gilt, pain, and sorrow, wanting to help he’s fighting for her
She feels all pain, but in spite of all the pain she feels… happiness always comes out
She has no mother; she has no father the only family she knows is her little sister
You wonder how old she is. 15
Her sister 5, she’s been taking care of her forever
This sick girl is strong, but not lonely for herself but for the one thing that depends on her
Have you even notice that one thing can change a person’s life in a instant
The little girl’s sister only 5 years old had to grow up in a short period of time
Every day the doctor comes in, with gilt, pain and sorrow
And every day the little sister hopes gets crushed but her sister picks her hopes back up
But one day the doctor came in her room looking at her in total shame he couldn’t even look at her
He pulled the little girl in the hall way
The next thing is crying…………..
The girl looks at the door puzzled, confused and worried
The doctor opens the door and the little girl runs in the room and jumps inher sisters arms
The girl asked what’s wrong….
Her small voice drowned in tears says “I love you”
The girl knows the worst is coming
She says in a soft mother like voice “please don’t cry I love you to
My life is not to cry over I was her for a reason, I want you to be strong you need to learn to be confident and patience remember that I love you and keep me in your heart
The doctor looked at her in complete shock
The words she spoke are words of a wise old senior
Tears rushed down his face
The emotion he feel broke him down, he collapse in tears and sorry
On the floor he stayed, in pain and gilt
The little girl got down and walked to him and said thank you, you where by my sisters side
In her time of need thank you, doctor you kept my sister here long enough for her to teach me to be a strong independent girl and grown up to a women
I thank you so much
That night the girl died.
But she lives on in her little sister strong and independent she will never be forgotten

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