September 8, 2009
By Oh.World.Of.Wonder BRONZE, Singapore, Other
Oh.World.Of.Wonder BRONZE, Singapore, Other
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Talking to silence
She sinks
Into Artificial

When there is noise
To answer her
Stretched grin,
Silence overtakes that of
Those painfully curved lips

Quiet: her only friend
Though the noises she makes
Betrays it so
It is a forgiving

Paste together
The perfect reality
And live in it
For all Eternity

White walls cheerfully call out
‘Good Morning Miss’

They will come now
Bringing little pips
From the finest apples
To swallow and enjoy;
Knowledge tastes bitter.

When did she break?

The author's comments:
Silence can sometimes be the best friend you've ever had, and when you go insane, it will be the only one that will truly hear you.

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