The unknown depths

September 8, 2009
By milliesa7 BRONZE, Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey
milliesa7 BRONZE, Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey
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the oceans swallow
the sadness within
they pull in the waste
they spread it thin
you'll feel the relief
for the moments they pass
but time slows down
as it creeps back to last
the water grows deeper
you'll feel it in your heart
that sinking of your dreams
when they never had a start
you'll struggle at first
the depth fills those voids
but your not ready
no not yet to die
so the lights flash
and you open your eyes
your return to your past
you regret all your sins
you plead for a chance
to sincerely begin
the promises you utter
are those of desperation
those words aren't yours
rumors of contemplation
the battle wars on
but your losing to fast
the grip on reality
fades into the past
your furious; angry
the red pulses like blood
the light turns to dark
theres no heaven above
no one can save you
so you give up in the end
but a surprise awaits
the voice of a friend
someone long lost
but still there in the distance
the voice of reason
lingering in existence
you'll calm your mind
you'll release your pain
you might even forgive
the beauty of a charade
but it takes death to see
what lies beneath the fury
when water break the boundaries
vengeance can be buried
You must die to see the light
you must live to see the pain
its ironic how we suffer
its backwards in this game
but so are thoughts and reason
our logic and our prayers
we beg for our saviors
but destroy what good was there
constantly at war
between love and logic
its not a battle to win
its great just to survive it
I've seen the darkest waters
i've stopped the breath of time
the coldness has consumed me
so maybe this isn't a lie
i actually might forgive you
i realize its not your fault
with such a born fatality
you were always at a loss
i see the clarity now
the colors aren't red
your name doesn't hurt
or remain spiraling in my head
your face doesn't hold
the memories it once did
its an expression of ignorance
no regrets to what i didn't give
I could easily say i loved you
but i'll love again its true
your were really indispensable
but to you, i was too
i hope you reach those waters
i hope you see yourself
not through my tainted eyes
but in the eyes of self respect
The water darkens as you fall
the feeling becomes more numb
but fall far enough
and a new life may have begun.

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