Mr. Perfect

September 8, 2009
By milliesa7 BRONZE, Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey
milliesa7 BRONZE, Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey
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Your eyes are meant
to tell the truth
those openings the access
to what should be you
What a shame that your image
had decayed to dust
what a pity that mirage
lives in a memory
lacking trust
I know the way my eyes see
are different from yours
and believe the words
perspective causes wars
it hurts me to see
that they look at you the same
your lies affected nothing
how ironic that you gain
ignorance never matched
someone quite like me
the vacancy of that bliss
was just too empty
nothing to see
I suppose i should feel pity
but that fire burns on
but dear don't worry
you'll always be the hero
the one with all the answers
you'll always be the man
what a shame its such a scam
i almost feel bad
trust me i really do
despite what you've done
i couldn't do that to you
what i could do
is beyond understanding
beyond explanation or words
so leave it to your imagination
maybe its like dominos
one realization following the next
i could be the spark
to end ignorance
that bliss
so let me apologize instead
for ruining such a dream
you worked so hard to create it
but there's no pity as it seems
i'll look at you tomorrow
i'll see the crimson stain
like a scarlet letter
your sin is in your name
you hold it upon your title
it sits within your heart
when that fantasy crashes
you'll see it and i'll start
the crumbling of the walls
the destruction of barricades
Lucifer's touch will burn
at my steady gaze
like the tricks
you loved to play
my eyes are open wide
green as the sea
as blood stains the tides
you'll answer to me

The author's comments:
Just another poem expressing a valuable life lesson: People aren't always who they claim to be.

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