The Waiting room

September 7, 2009
By evanp GOLD, San Diego, California
evanp GOLD, San Diego, California
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The waiting room is empty
I think I got here first,
at least I hope so,
because I definitely was first in line,
but I did get up late
so it is possible that they carried on with out me.
impossible though,
because I’ve been waiting a long time now
and it seems unfair that it’s not who wanted it
but just the ones with the better clocks.
They all had better clocks and they don’t have to wait.

It’s just a little too unfair and I’m sitting in this room alone.
I scheduled this so long ago, and I can’t miss it.
Please, get me a new clock.
I’m tired of waiting now.
And I’m going home.
Far from where I was born.
You’ll see me if you’d like.
I’ll be making clocks.
Good ones.

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