September 7, 2009
By Anonymous

He told me once that
I plan things
Way too much
It’s because I’m scared
I guess everyone’s a little scared
He also told me that
I seek out
Things that are broken
I won’t let them go
Until they’re fixed
Of course I don’t dwell
On what he says
I do everything for everyone else
How else will I make it down here?

I do
Plan things
Make myself strong
One time
I did something I wanted
For myself
I stepped
All over them
I planned it
He patted me on the back
Took hold of me and shook me
I planned it
And it stopped me in my tracks
I wasn’t making it down here
Or making anything useful
I planned it
To be up there with all of them
Looking down on me
I’m not dead
They’re looking down on me
When will I find
What I need?
I’m so needy
I just wanted to be

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