September 7, 2009
By ChewyRibbit BRONZE, Natick, Massachusetts
ChewyRibbit BRONZE, Natick, Massachusetts
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You can be whomever you want and not even try

You can laugh at videos where people die

You can make fragile teens break down and cry

There’s not even any question to why

You can be multiple people with multiple names

Coerce strangers into believing your multiple claims

Never be punished for inflicting pain

You can get in so deep you start going insane

It’s inane, the strange things that it does to your brain

It’s a never-ending world of madness to explore

And it’s incredibly hard to resist the allure

So many benefits, yet so much to deplore

If you engage long enough, you’ll always want more

Even without reason you’ll even the score

Without even knowing what you’re fighting for

It’s impossible to get right down to its core

Easily abused for sick satisfaction

Spreading false hate for easy reactions

So many easily accessed explicit distractions

Hard to be stopped from all your infractions

The many things to be seen that appall
Yet you can click one button and escape from it all.

The author's comments:
This is about the internet.

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