Dead Lullaby

September 7, 2009
By Anonymous

She sits on a stone
Singing something unpronounced
By a creek bed
Shedding tears from a memory
Of what she did long ago
And not making up from the past
Her friends, they fade
Her family, they sit and watch
She shakes her head
Turning her back from the tragedy
Holding onto something dear and tight
And the song she whispers
So very clear
Is not enough for anyone to hear
Nothing made up
Nothing changed
She looks up at the sky
Cloudy and dark
And says...
"I love you, forgive me?"
And goes back to singing her
Dead Lullaby

The author's comments:
I liked this piece so much because it brought out the sorrow that can fill someones life when love is out. I feel that the girl has some problems no one will ever hear.

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