i’m not sure why they call this species MAN’S best friend.

September 7, 2009
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Black and white,

He made us feel more than a photograph ever could.

An old man with eyes that loved the sight of

Nike running shoes

Or an open door at midnight.

You’d never think one could love such an


Being in a way that breaks the heart and takes your breath when it comes time to

Say goodbye.

But if four paws and a wet nose can have

Such a passion for

An open road and snow storms…

If a dog is capable of love for a woman with enough passion to

Fill an ocean

A man so full of determination you can feel it

Excreting from his pores

A girl who refuses to be any less than perfect

And patience for a teenager lost in angst and a

Handful of mistakes

In her pocket…

Then anything is possible.

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