September 9, 2009
By lil_Miz_Mee:) SILVER, Breckenridge, Texas
lil_Miz_Mee:) SILVER, Breckenridge, Texas
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if u love him with all of your might will he still be the one to catch u??

do what your heart tells you to do,but always be thinking with your mind"

you will always have HATERZ though out life because they are the ones jelouse bc thy're not you!

i wait as you walk down the hall trying not to cry!! i see you with her and thats ok i know ill be alrite!!I cant take not bein with you, and not bein able to say " baby i love you good nite " i know it was my fault im the one who broke your heart first but you change you told me you never would but end the end it wasn't for good!!

The author's comments:
i wrote this cuz i need to get it off of my cghest im soo confuse!!!!

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