June 2, 2009
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i remember looking out this window not so long ago and seeing the soft flakes of Snow grace the street light.
now as i look outside i see only silence encasing the night in its cold and rocky grasp.
those days which we looked so fondly on are now just old and gone, withered remnants of memories of hopeful day dreams.
for once, i can see the Stars, shining icily in their blackened sockets. Luna has begun to fear showing her face to the world, and that shows in the way everyone has changed.
its a curious happenstance, to have your world turned upside down, to hear your music wavering in and out of tune as you struggle to assimilate a single sane thought.
many a time i have thought to myself how wonderful it would be to sleep all of this away, but only then do i realize that i have a reason to wake up every day.
even when the memories we once cherished are old and gone, i will still remember the night that Silence kissed the world.

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