I hate splash water on the lack of there-forth

June 2, 2009
By , West Chester, PA
i feel like im losing you
i feel like im not good enough, no matter what you say
thats why im clinging so hard.

i dont care
your a selfish and only love yourself

i dont understand it either
i dont know whats so wrong
it hurts, a lot
and i have scars
and im just setting myself up for therapy.

i feel like im copying you
like everyone thinks im a fake, a fraud
but im not, this is what makes me feel alive
at least, i think.

i hate god
i hate liars, and i hate gray areas
it conflicts, and doesnt make sense
and theres no proof
so i just cant.

i feel pity for people who are religious because they must be either
ignorant, or desperate for love
like me,

i doubt love is real.
its all fake, and just a game we play
so we feel like were worth something

and honestly,

i h a t e h o n e s t y .

it heavies your heart

and makes you jump out of delusional fraud

and splash water on the lack of there-forth

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