The Oak in My Backyard MAG

By kelly Z., Trumbull, CT

     This is the oak
in my backyard
The mighty oak
casts its solemn shadow
upon my door
It sways to the rhythm
of the warbling wind
like a dancer remembering the first song
his mother had sung to him
Washed over it
is the fresh scent of asters drifting lazily
caught in the grasp of the clear, crisp dawn
This is the oak
in my backyard

This is the oak
in my backyard
Bright, colorful leaves
lope around sleepily,
rustling quietly
like the soft trill of a robin’s
sweet, soothing song
The oak
stands tall and proud
as if it were a king
being crowned
in a scarlet robe of velvet
Rays of balmy sun
reach out to bless the tree
in the language of
Mother Nature,
shedding a magnificent golden light
upon the waking branches
This is the oak
in my backyard

This is the oak
in my backyard
By night,
moonlight seeps through the leaves,
casting a magical silver glow
onto the oak
with feeling,
it shows off
its auburn leaves
and stretches to the sky
in the morning light
Home to
chattering squirrels
gathering smooth acorns
for the coming winter
This is the oak
in my backyard

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i love this so much!


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