He Hung the Moon MAG

By Amelia F., Fort Payne, AL

     From the day I was born
I was his and he was mine.
We were two of a kind.
He hung the moon.

I grew as he watched
And we had the best of times.
I saw in him a person
I admired and watched to become.
He hung the moon.

He is the lock on my door
That protects me from all harm.
He shields the burning brightness
Of my eyes.
He hung the moon.

The love he gives
Comes in many forms
But I know it is always there.
He hung the moon.

He works so hard to give the things
He knows are wanted.
He wants you to have the best
But I know - I already do.
He hung the moon.

He helped sculpt my life
Like a potter and his clay.
He eliminates my cloudy days of sorrow.
He hung the moon.

He means so much to so many
Even more to me
Because not only is he my father
He is also my hero, my friend.
He hung the moon.

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i love this so much!

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