Lonely for No One MAG

May 19, 2009
By alaina howell BRONZE, Rochester, New York
alaina howell BRONZE, Rochester, New York
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(inspired by Li-Young Lee)
To be
lonely for no one.
Is it possible?
You're gently persuaded to be
lifted off your feet toward the sky.
By a friend.
By a lover.

And then you spill your petals –
open the bud inside you to be
nourished by the sunlight of

When the light rain comes
they persevere with their umbrella
at hand.
They even let you shield your petals from the shower as if
they're doing you some great justice.
So when people warn you
of their past deeds, you're sure they've changed.
They've changed all for you.

They have stood by you through the small precipitation
only so they could feed off your nutrients
and blossom themselves.

So now, the drought.

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