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Someone Catch Me

September 1, 2019
By Dahlia_black BRONZE, Helena, Montana
Dahlia_black BRONZE, Helena, Montana
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Someone catch me

I am falling too fast

I lay my head down at night

Only to wake up 

Filled with dread


Tell me you will stay

Even when seas get rough

Tell me you’ll hold me tight

Calm my shaking body 

I can't sleep 

Hold me warm and fast

Someone, anyone

Save me from myself

Dragons and fairies 

They are any grey and bland

Someone tell me

Why my head is empty

Why I only see in grey

Why my hand can't hold

Someone, you, please

Let me sleep

Hold me 

Till my worries melt away

So I can rest

In my buzzing head.

The author's comments:

I am kinda going through a hard time, and this kinda relates to my mind right now. At 1:28 A.M. 

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