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A Star Among Moons

August 5, 2019
By Dahlia_black BRONZE, Helena, Montana
Dahlia_black BRONZE, Helena, Montana
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    You are a star, a star among moons. Moons radiant their light so that we can see whatever unforgiving path we take at night. But the moons light, it’s never guaranteed, for it often leaves us alone on the coldest of nights. A star, a star always gives what little light they have, they give light till the time when they must sleep, waiting for their return. A star is predictable, stars will come every night to look over us, even if the dark clouds below them do not allow. A moon does not break, even though it may not be an object to rely on. But if a star breaks, if you break, you will destroy so much along with yourself, and despite its brutality, it still remains as one of the most beautiful things we may ever witness in the nighttime sky. 

The author's comments:

This piece just came to me one day as I sat in class, so I wrote it down and now here it is

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