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A Formal Apology to the Generations That Follow Mine

April 30, 2019
By ava_biondollilo BRONZE, Westtown, New York
ava_biondollilo BRONZE, Westtown, New York
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"How many devils must you dance with before you find heaven." - r.h. Sin

As I kneel down in the garden my grandfather and I built,

I carefully place a young tomato plant that I nursed from a seed

Within the soft, nutrient-rich soil.

To me,

All is right in this vast world,

And I am content with my surroundings.

My mind finds nothing wrong with my personal environment.


I have a bountiful forest of trees surrounding my home,

With plenty of insects and small woodland critters.

I have flowers and bees to pollinate them,

And I have a garden full of healthy plants.


Yet what about the rest of the world?


The melting ice caps?

The rotting Great Barrier Reef?

The rapidly diminishing Amazon Rainforest?


Like most,

I’m so heavily consumed with my personal affairs that I neglect all that’s around me.

The bigger picture isn’t something I’m too concerned with.

In fact, I’ll be long dead before the effects of global warming actually harm us.

So why bother?


Why bother?


“Reduce, reuse, recycle!”

An almost cryptic phrase that we’ve been chanting since elementary school.

Yet how does this help our planet as a whole?

Does throwing one emptied water bottle into the recycling bin make you a saint?

Does straying away from buying goods enclosed in plastic suddenly fix the Great Pacific Garbage Patch?

Does reusing the bags given at supermarkets negate the fact that it takes roughly one thousand years for plastic to decompose?


Of course, I wish I could single-handily fix every environmental issue the world is plagued by.

We all do.

Yet nothing you or I could ever dream of doing

Would fix a single thing.


Maybe if large scale industries cared,

And fixed the practices that only ruin the little natural beauty we have left.

Maybe if we stopped glorifying the idea of hunting down and slaughtering endangered species,

And leave them be in environments left untouched by humans.

Maybe if we left nature alone,

And stopped interfering for our own malicious and selfish gain.


Must I someday tell my children about seemingly endless forests as a thing of the past?

Saying how my generation and the few before ruined that.

Must I someday tell my children about great beasts such as tigers and leopards and jaguars as a thing of the past?

Saying how I’m sorry we didn’t do better.


I'm sorry we couldn’t show you what the world once had.

The author's comments:

A poem I wrote for my online poetry class. The assignment that week required us to write about a current issue, that pertains to the entirety of the world, that we happened to be passionate about. I chose the topic of climate change/global warming. Although there are a lot of misconceptions about how truly fast these changes will be expressed within the natural world, undeniably more efforts must be made to ensure the natural beauties of this world are preserved for our children to witness. I hope this piece of writing sparks a flame of desire within the reader. I hope it envokes the fear of one day telling younger generations about how much we ruined. I want the reader to feel guilty and to feel like he or she isn't doing enough. The idea that someday we, as a generation, may have to own up to all our faults and admit that we didn't do enough to save the planet we were so generously gifted should be alarming enough to make any person want to help in the restoration process. 

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Elo SILVER said...
on May. 6 at 10:22 am
Elo SILVER, Robstown, Texas
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All the actions the world takes proves to us that they dont care about you or me. And they will never care until its in thier face, thats our reality. I see u wanna help change but we can never do it alone, not even with a thousand people, maybe not even through our "own" government, the government makes all these rules but wont help with this, they dont care, for example this busy highway i drove on used to be small and tight where cars would be driving around 80mph edging closer to a car or the egde that fast. everyone would complain even write notes to the city, they didnt care. And then one day a kid died that went to my school and all of a sudden they care and made a real edge that gave us more space. They dont care until you make them care, until we make them care, we need a leader who is popular talking about this, i mean imagine kim kardashian taking apart of this, so many people would follow, nobody cares about us or our messages we give it, were nobodies. But yea I hear you, some things will never change

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