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Am I Stupid to Think the World Can Change?

April 15, 2019
By ava_biondollilo BRONZE, Westtown, New York
ava_biondollilo BRONZE, Westtown, New York
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"How many devils must you dance with before you find heaven." - r.h. Sin

Don’t let them take away from all you are.

Grab the guns they left at your disposal,

And fight the war they began.

Refuse to back down.

When they silence your strife,

Scream louder and louder

Until your lungs bleed of desire.

The rivers will run red,

As we scream our hearts out.

Let them know we despise,

The home they have ruined.

Let them know we have come back,

To take back all they have lost.

Those suffering in silence will suffer no more

The lame, mute, deaf, and crippled,

Will all eat from the plentiful basket of fruit,

Where the promise of hope is woven into each strand.

Brought forth by those intrepid enough to make change,

Those who are ignorant enough to believe the world could change.

The author's comments:

I wrote this piece roughly two to three years ago. It was during a time where I was experiencing much internal conflict. I was stuck between wanting to change the world, and fearing that change was far out of reach. In time I've learned that not everyone will leave an impactful mark on history. In fact, most of us will remain nothing more than mere names on long faded tombstones after we die. Truthfully, one single soul cannot change the world for the better. It takes generation after generation of consistent efforts to even begin to see a spark of change within our society. I hope that someone can look at this poem and realize; it doesn't take anyone special to make a change. The ignorant, weak, and foolish can push forward lasting efforts that will cause society to shift. I may not accomplish anything in my time but if I had the opportunity to inspire others to cause change, then I lived a completed life.

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