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The Beauty in Pain

April 15, 2019
By ava_biondollilo BRONZE, Westtown, New York
ava_biondollilo BRONZE, Westtown, New York
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"How many devils must you dance with before you find heaven." - r.h. Sin

A vanilla fragrance,

So calming

And soft.

As light dances

On the black wick.


A gentle soul

Patiently watches

Wax drip down,

And into the dish.

As the candle melts away.


A stunning disaster.

Immaculate beauty,

Found within destruction.

Life exists

Within pain.


A daisy colored candle

Reduced to ash,

Floating in the air

Like melancholic dust.

Moving with an ironic sense of gracefulness.


A life of peace,

Forged from generations of sadness.

Because beauty exists within pain,

A decaying candle

Is a pleasant sight.

The author's comments:

I wrote this piece for an online poetry class I am currently taking in the second half of my 2018/2019 school year. The topic that I was presented the week that I crafted this piece was a poem containing one consistent metaphor. The idea of using a candle sprung to me one night as I sat and contemplated why something being destroyed was such a beautiful thing. Upon conjuring this startling realization, another equally as startling one followed suit. Life is a series of tragic and unfortunate events that inevitably lead humans to seek out the beauty in such pain. Watching a candle burn slowly is a prime example of this. As wax streams down the sides and the candle nears its demise, it becomes more enjoyable to watch. Humans, as a whole, bask in any warmth and joy that they can find, all whilst knowing that these such pleasures only came to be after many known tragedies occurred.  

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