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Ode to the Lovely Zoo

March 14, 2019
By Aurora_Lopez01 BRONZE, San Pedro, California
Aurora_Lopez01 BRONZE, San Pedro, California
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A zoo filled with loving families.

The neverending walks throughout the zoo,

You haven’t ear childrens screams and squeaks

As they see this beautiful giraffe.

Parents running around with laughter seeing their kids smile.

Running around the zoo like a maze.

Did we head to the first base?

Many moms and dads awwing for the giraffe.

As it plays around with the baby calf.

Kids feeding the giraffe as they see their purple tongue,

they laugh and smile

Once it walks away they say goodbye and play with their new friends

A zoo is an never ending maze

Where you meet an unexpected friend.

The author's comments:

This is about families going to the zoo and little children enjoying their time. They see these beautiful animals especially the giraffe. The little children are running and playing around with their friends. 

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