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Challenge Yourself

March 6, 2019
By laurenklm DIAMOND, Hoffman Estates, Illinois
laurenklm DIAMOND, Hoffman Estates, Illinois
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"Challenge yourself.

Colleges like to see AP classes."

What if "challenging"

Is a normal level class?

"Challenge yourself."

I already face challenges,

And not always ones

I want to have.

"Challenge yourself."

I learned about employment

And what happens

If you're let go

And no job is available.

"Challenge yourself."

At 12 years old

When the government

Took my home.

"Challenge yourself."

Learn how to negotiate,

So you don't have to pay

5 months of rent up front

To potential new landlords.

"Challenge yourself."

Fight anxiety,


And bipolar everyday

Just to get through the day.

"Challenge yourself."

I don't need to take some

AP classes to challenge myself.

Aren't I challenged enough?

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