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1 Corinthians

March 6, 2019
By laurenklm DIAMOND, Hoffman Estates, Illinois
laurenklm DIAMOND, Hoffman Estates, Illinois
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Balancing faith

And a part of identity.

"Child of God".

The only identity

That matters.

Too many

Have strayed away

When they face

The struggle

That I face now.

But both parts of me

Are too important

To just give up

And walk away

From the faith I've

Always known.

To walk away

From the God

Who was there for me

When no one else was.

Who is there for me,

Just a prayer away.

The one who protects,

No regrets.

The one who

Died for all sins.

No hints

Of disappearance.

Gave a promise

To stay

When He could've easily

Walked away.

This eternal,

Reckless love

Guides in my confusion,

Comforts in my struggle,

Strengthens in my weakness,

Rejoices in my success,

No regrets.

No way

I'm giving up this

Because of a temporary


Why walk away

When He chose to stay?

The author's comments:

I am a part of the LGBTQ+ community. I am also a Christian. It's a struggle to figure it all out. But I trust God to help me through and follow the path He has for me.

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