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January 30, 2019
By zoeyrain123 BRONZE, Buffalo Ny, New York
zoeyrain123 BRONZE, Buffalo Ny, New York
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We pray for our chance, a chance at misfortune
But when an old friend comes knocking, we deem it a salesman
Because whoever would use his chance on us is a fool,

Selling empty lies to the already broken, misled, and lost sheep we tend to be.  


We tell ourselves our souls are worth not even a gamble,

We won't take it- we won’t even drive by a casino-

Shouldn’t the lights mesmerize us, as we are only human after all?

No, for we are conditioned, that good things, pretty lights

Are only there to lure us into lust or loss.

Instead we simply remember the times the world has done us wrong
Choosing to decide we are at the edge of our grave: why take the chances, why believe for a second?

But in doing this
We lose the chances people may have given us,

we choose to accept our own tales, lies we tell ourselves
To remember, there’s never a happy ending


Now try to believe, when somebody is knocking, that he might be good to you this time. Will you choose, to answer that door?

In this day and age, when nobody good comes knocking anymore?

Deciding to answer it is bold, it is, but giving that chance, and choosing to knock is perhaps bolder.


Superstition is often a religion we choose,
To place on an altar in our hearts, unlit and silent, candles blown out somberly,

a chilly air

superstition brings weary winds of fear of change, and fear of most everything, for anything can be real.

Coming in bursts of scalding sunlight, and squawking seagull calls, cynicism, brings lost dreams we never tried to win, accompanied by the that  squawking of what is or is not, and a cynic believes it is not.

A cynics view, is a view not nearly pretty, because they make the choice, to believe in nothing, for no good reason.  Being a cynic, has never been so happy or bright, as the sunlight it brings only burns.

It’s a balancing act to live on this earth
Gravity and ecstasy, drugs of this world

One brings us closer to earth, the other sends us higher Both drugs can be lethal, but in the right doses, it's a chemical cocktail, we sip.

Do you drink it for grounding, do you drink it to fly, or for a balance it brings that we can't build on our own?

Can we choose the right words to pray
For a chance or a lucky draw, rather the prize, which dwells in our hearts?

That is all up to you.

Is a prayer just a wager, with a power much higher? Or a settlement, formally, making a deal,  an attempt to increase our chances of profit here on earth, or hereafter? They say a prayer is a conversation and “therein lies the difference”

But isn't a business settlement is a conversation all the same?

Next time you are faced with the decision to make, to choose to give somebody a chance, do it!.

Choose to start knocking, hope they’ll open the door, so others may begin

to believe there is good in this world that we’re in

Knock and you’ll see an open door, an open heart too
All you ask for, it’ll be right in front of you
Believe, if you can feel the earth, pulse beneath your feet
It’s going to be okay, more than just okay.

It is going to be beautiful, it is going to be grand, whatever It may be, it is in your hands Will you choose to make it as beautiful as it well has the potential to be?


Superstition, cynicism,
A balancing act

Not all are meant, for the tightrope.

Make the choice, start walking the rope, or knocking, at the first door you see.

The author's comments:

My name is Zoey, I’m 13 years old, and I live in Buffalo NY. I love to sing, act, and play with my cat TC. This poem was edited with great help and support from my Ela teacher, Mr. Brown. 

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