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The Feeling

January 14, 2019
By writtenbyemily SILVER, Spring, Texas
writtenbyemily SILVER, Spring, Texas
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'“One must always be careful of books...and what is inside them, for words have the power to change us.” Cassandra Clare

I don’t know how to explain this feeling,
Its as if someone took a part of me,
And put it in a glass jar,
I reach out for it,
Trying to get it back,
But instead,
I get pulled back,
My fingers being torn from their path,
further and further I become,
farther from the part of myself that I lost.

The author's comments:

I often find myself trying to explain the empty feeling inside me. I don't feel sad, it more like a void. Whenever I try to explain what it feels like, not many people understand, so maybe if more people see this, I can find someone to relate to. 

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