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My Garden

January 8, 2019
By Soup1039 PLATINUM, Christiana, Pennsylvania
Soup1039 PLATINUM, Christiana, Pennsylvania
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I’m in high school, a conjunction of years to discover who you are

An amazing amalgamation of adolescents that could only be called bizarre

Amidst the tornado of midterms, the volcano of hormones, I’ve grown a garden

It's not much, as I’m a freshmen, but it has petunias and sunflowers(pardon my wording, I don’t know the jargon)

As well as flowers,I keep my values and what I want in a companion there

I Want someone who is happy, but not afraid to be sad, and is their own person, but I know that they care

If you’re lucky enough to step in my garden, what flowers I cut for you show how you matter

If you’re just a friend, I’ll give you a petunia(I have plenty of those), but if I love you, I’ll cut carefully and hand them to you on a silver platter

I might not know love, or who I really am, but I do know that I have someone who's changed me

I might not know if we’ll be part of the 2% of highschool sweethearts who marry, but I do know they set me free

I’ve handed them my garden and gave them free reign, then asked what they saw

They said back to me, “I see a person full of love, where here that is law.” They pointed to the stones and looked back at me, “I see a person who is open and raw, and has a few flaws.”

I asked them if that was alright, and if they valued as I do

They merely smiled, and gave a nod as if they knew

“Yes,” they responded, a grin on their lips. “We’re like one each other, with stones and smudges, the same values and opinions, but each our own person in more ways that are known.”

I smiled again, but this time it felt real, and held out a hand that she would hold

She took it, and together we walked out of the garden that we would grow it until the flowers died or grew old

The author's comments:

Ignore any errors, I wrote this at 5 AM right after drinking a cup of coffee LOL.

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